DAY 1 Food Challenge: When you have bad bananas, make bread

This morning when my husband surveyed the refrigerator, he sighed at my "lack of diligence" to push the leftovers. Already yesterday he had to throw out some old veggies and a significant amount of raisins left in a bowl and this morning, it was the leftover fish, which was well....fishy smelling. "Push these leftovers," he tells me. "I hate to waste it all."

After I groan and grunt about how I am not only having to feed everyone, but remind them to eat the leftovers. I thought OK, I can do this. I will use up what we have. I sent him to the store for our usual list of necessary items like: milk, bread, yogurt, eggs, etc. But this week, I challenge myself to use what we have so by Saturday, Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare.

You'll have to follow up daily on what crazy things I make (or make my kids eat) in order to get rid of our leftovers. We're trying to be green and not waste food.

So today I used up three browning (yes, very brown) bananas for my favorite banana bread recipe. Threw in a handful of leftover chocolate chips, which had been bought for cookies, but broken into for just plain eating. After taking some blue cheese out of the freezer for a recipe (it was in the freezer when someone bought more than I needed) I ended up not using the blue cheese, knowing it would go back, I made a blue cheese salad dressing out of the leftovers.


Cara Fox said...

My friend Julie does the "use what you have" thing once a month. Saves $$$ and keeps her pantry from looking like an overgrown jungle like mine does. I keep promising myself I will try it - this may be the week! My problem is not using up leftovers - we are good about that - I just way overstock on "staples". And some not so staples that may happen to be on sale.

Tonight I used half a leftover rotisserie chicken to make chicken soup from a gourmet chicken soup mix someone gave me months ago. Not half bad and as a bonus, my kids ate it!

purplemommy said...

I throw browning bananas in the freezer and pull them out to make banana muffins or cookies when needed.