How To Deal with Sick Kids?

I have no answer to this question! I love both my kids. They are each special in their own way and when they are sick, I do my best to help. But God knows (as well as my husband), that I am not a nurse. Nursemaid should not be part of my job description. I have a TERRIBLE bedside manner. I have done well with Alex's strep throat until today. I felt myself losing my cool many times today as the whining increased a bit from Alex and the demand for companionship increased from Anna. My time is split.

What to do? One is asking me to take her outside, the other is asking me to sit with him. I try to take advantage of the neighbors offering up help, and believe me, I do, but one can only ask for so many favors. He needs me to be there with him. She wants me there to play. He doesn't want me to play with her because it makes him sad that he's not playing. She wants to be in his face to play, but he's annoyed by this--rightly so. I'm breaking up fights, splitting my time, nursing a very sick boy, running around outside to make her tired, finding ways to make him take that awful pink medicine. That was a 30-minute activity right there. No amount of cajoling seemed to work on a sick kid--no treats, no bribes, no sweets, no kisses. No pink medicine would touch his lips. I even got a shoulder full of vomit to prove it.

Please, tell me, how do you deal with sick kids?


emma said...

Hey Linda, I'm sorry you're juggling right now - not sure if this will help, but could using the kitchen timer help? Give one kid 10-15 mins, then the other, then give yourself 5!

purplemommy said...

I remember puking cough medicine all over my mother. She was not happy. I hated any kind of liquid medicine and always insisted on pills when I got old enough to know their were such things.

Maybe you could adopt the mantra "This too shall pass" and just start chanting when you feel at the end of your rope.