Rules of the Road: Red Light Green Light

My kids have quite the imagination. I love to hear them play together, especially from the monitor. They will come up with the most creative things, and I'm always amazed!

Their new favorite game is Red Light Green Light. But this is no ordinary game of Red Light Green Light. They have new colors added to the traffic light spectrum. Yesterday afternoon, I was outside with Anna, while Alex was sick on the couch and she and I played together. But first I had to be given the code:

Red Light: Stop
Green Light: Go--with a funky attitude
Yellow Light: Go in slow motion
Black Light: Run as fast as you can
Orange Light: Walk backwards
Purple Light: Jump
Pink Light: Twirl Around
Blue Light: Stop and make a funny face

The best part about this is they have the code down pat and can call it and move with changing colors at a speed that impressed me. Green Light, Black Light, Orange Light, Purple Light, Red Light. She didn't even flinch. Surely this is healthy play!

More to come on our creative neighbors who empower this kind of play...

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