We've Been Quarantined

My kids don't get sick often. But when they do, they are down! Alex more so than Anna. When he's sick, he gets very sick, complete with high temps and chills and everything. This fall we were blessed with the full-blown flu for both kids and now we're the family with strep. I have no idea where he got it from, but was a bit relieved that his illness could at least be remedies with meds. I always hate the "it's just a virus" response, where the pediatricians send you home tail between your legs.

I should have picked up on this quicker as Alex complained about a sore throat long before he showed the high fever symptoms. He complained of a head ache and a tummy ache. I have been so conditioned to "viral" symptoms that I just assumed this was another one. After a night of no sleep for him (and me) and a fever spiking 103.3, I figured a call was warranted to the doctor.

The doctor took one look down his throat and made a horrible face. "Ewww, that's a nasty looking throat." A positive strep test mixed the with "strep throat stench," a smell an embassy nurse educated me on years ago that is a sure sign of a bacterial infection, left us with prescription in hand.

We're home watching DVD after DVD to keep him rested. All he does is sit and cry about being sick, missing school and not going out to play. Poor little guy.

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Nicole said...

UGH! I'm in the same boast as of this morning!

I hate to see little ones sick!!!!!!!!

Good luck - I hope you are through it soon :)