After Eight Years, I Still Love Him

Eight years ago today, my husband and I were married. I don't know if ever thought much about what our life would be like eight years into marriage or 38 years into marriage. But I'm happy to report, we still pretty much follow our same daily pattern, even after having two kids. Some might call it boring, but for me, it's perfect!

You can still find him reading on the couch or outside with his gin and tonic. You still find me writing and playing computer or trying to squeeze in a bath. We both still make it to the gym, although much less often then we used to. We both still enjoy going out to dinner and still can't ever agree on the type of place. He still picks at me about picking up my clothes. I still make fun of him for having the hiccups all the time. We both love to travel, but for very different reasons.

Eight years later we've seen quite a bit. We've managed to make it through four major moves, three of those international ones. We've survived several job changes for him. We've adjusted to our two most wonderful children. We've endured the loss of one pregnancy. We've struggled through seperation, though not as badly as others have. I know we have a lot more ahead of us, but so far it's been a wonderful ride. As he said, "Here's to another 88 years together."


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your dinner was delicious :-)

Ainsley said...

Have a wonderful day... and Happy Anniversary!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary Andrew & Linda :)

AnnaD said...

Steve and I will be together 10 years in June! COngrats! Keep the love alive!