Last Day of School; What to Do?

Tomorrow is my kids' last day of preschool before the summer vacation. Luckily we have lots of activities planned for the 13 weeks of summer. Yes, I have counted them.

While this time last year, I was in total panic mode about weeks upon weeks of no structured activities, this year I am relatively calm about it all. The kids are older and more fun. We have five weeks of half-day camps and a few classes including swim lessons and gymnastics. I have a feeling most of the summer will be about the pool, which is fine for me.

But still, I have one day left. Tomorrow. What should I do with my last day of school?

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Anna D said...

I stumbled upon your blog while fearing my child a young gangsta (see my comment in boys and their guns). I love your blog and will read it if you don't mind! I am a mom of Evan (age 4) and have no other kids because he was....well.....challanging as a baby with colic and a permanent sour puss. He is now 4 and a great kid but talks my ear off. By 8pm, Im glad for his bedtime and a quite house :)