The Last Day of School

So many asked what I ended up doing on the kids' last day of school.

1. Dropped off kids at 9:15
2. Drove to Herndon Farmer's Market and bought strawberries, snap peas, spinach, apples and basil plant.
3. Talk to my mother on the cell phone.
4. Went to a new nearby cafe (So Addictive Dessert Lounge) with free Wifi and worked for an hour. Great place, by the way.
5. Stopped off at Trader Joe's to pick up a few things.
6. Drove home and dropped off groceries.
7. Checked email again. :-)
8. Quickly made a picnic for the kids and myself.
9. Raced back to school 11:35 for Anna's good-bye cupcake party. Made there 5 minutes late and they were already sending them home 10 minutes early!!!!! Seriously.

That was it. Afterwards, we stopped at a park on the way home and had a celebratory end-of-school picnic. I managed to pass down my love for eating outside to my kids, even if my husband doesn't.

We spent the entire afternoon outside playing and the celebrating went into Friday when Anna's class met up for another playground picnic. Gotta love summer! Maybe this no-school thing won't be so bad after all. I may not be singing this tune next week.

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