Dinner Party Success

So the party was a success. The weather managed to clear up just in time. The food was amazing. The winners for the evening were the chicken, the pesto/tomato torta, and the truffles. I have to thank Andrea for her help with the menu because I actually had everything ready to go right as the first guest arrived and really didn't have to do anything other than refill my serving platters. Lots of people showed up. I had time to sit and talk and chat . . . here was the only problem.

In the past few years of having babies, not entertaining and working from home, I seemed to have lost all ability to talk about things besides kids. I stand their shyly in a small group, laughing and contributing now and then to the banter, but somehow I feel my kids may have taken away my ability to integrate into normal society. I read the paper every day and keep up with the events in the world. But somehow launching into a conversation about a child's sleep patterns or preschool woes is easier than talking about the election, global warming or national security. And I have opinions on all of this! But somehow it's harder to share than my kids' potty habits. Why is that?

Anyway, party success on most fronts. Not sure I'm ready for another one anytime soon. I took me all day to recover from this one.


Andrea said...

I'm glad the party was a success. I know what you mean about making conversation. I've been home with the kids for almost 6 years now, and I feel like I no longer have a vocabulary, which is very hard on this avid reader!

Bonnie said...

Hi Linda,
The party was great, and so was your conversation -- and besides, the fact that you actually had time to HAVE a conversation at your own party is a testament to your excellent organizational skills.

Getting kids, house, and food prepared for a pary is a lot of work, and of course you need a recovery day afterwards. I always hope there are party leftovers, so there's a break from cooking for a meal or two. (And party food develops the kids' food tastes. My daughter loved schezuan shrimp at 2; who would have guessed?