I Love My Kids . . .

. . . because they are absolutely hysterical. Right now as I type I hear them on the monitor talking about how one is older than the other and that she should listen to him because of it. I love when age trumps everything.

. . . because they know just the right things to say. Like at dinner Alex told me this was by far the best dish ever and could I make it again and could he have a piece of chocolate.

. . . because they know when they misbehave what the consequence is. Alex will even send himself to his room sometimes.

. . . because they are SO good about bedtime! Enough said.

. . . because they're so lovable and cuddly when I ask nicely for 'huggles and cuddles.'

. . . because they are so smart and can outsmart me.

. . . because they continue to teach me so much everyday about love, life and even myself.

It's not until you experience motherhood that I think you really learn to appreciate your own mom. I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day to everyone.


Jessica said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your kids are hilarious and special and bright and even though I have only met them for 10 minutes I'll never forget them. xoxo

Jessica said...

Wait, I met that in the "wow, you're doing a great job with them!" way, not the "creepy Internet weirdo" way.

I need to get some sleep.

Mom said...

Love you too. Continue doing a great job with my terrific grandkids.