We Are the Empathetic Ones

You can say all you want about equality, but women really are different from men.

Recently I've been thinking about women as a community. What is it about tragedy and sadness that brings people together. In the past year, I have become part of an amazing community of moms. Every time someone has a new baby, moms volunteer their precious time to make meals for her. And they are not just frozen meals. Some of them are several-course meals full of nutrious yummies and even gifts for the kids. I have made countless meals for my mom's group always with the thought, "If this saves someone one night from cooking and more time to spend with a child, take a shower, enjoy a bath, or sleep then I would do this."

We've even moved on to helping a mom in need while her husband is sick and another who's battling breast cancer with a baby undergoing surgery. While these are all amazing feats to deal with while taking care of a family, I find it comforting that community comes from nowhere sometimes. People we hardly know step up to help out and we find within ourselves a reason to step up and help out. Many times, we ourselves, don't have the time, but we feel a part of us calling to help those in need.

Most recently, I was touched by my best friend's community in Atlanta. Her dear friend Amanda said goodbye to her three-week old baby last weekend. I have been following this heartwrenching story (God, I wish it was a only a story) for the past many weeks. Baby Gavin was born early (but not too early) and with brain hemorrhaging, which had been going on in utero, unbeknownst to anyone. I think what touched me as much as Amanda's strength through it all, was her friend's unyielding support to babysit her other two boys, bring her food, help with household chores, even sit in the NICU with Gavin while the parents spent time with the other two boys. In his little life, he was never ever left alone.

Cara told me her friends helped pick out the funeral music and take photographs of the family. They were by her side through the whole thing. Even now, the help still keeps coming in with babysitting and meals.

Call it maternal instinct, call it empathy, call it whatever you like, but women really can be amazing. Thanks to all who give from their hearts.

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