Saving My Favorite Timepieces

In the past two weeks, we've done quite a bit a pruning for our yard sale this past Saturday. Most of the baby stuff has been given away during the past few years. However, I still have a few things that linger. For one reason or another I'm unable to part with them. Call it sentimental or call it being a pack rat. For some reason, my heart won't let me part with these baby items:

Hungry Catepillar PJs--My best friend bought a pair of these footed PJs for my son-to-be and her son-to-be at the same time. It was back in 2003 right after I found out I was pregnant. I think it might have been one of the first things I received for the baby. They were the sweetest PJs. Both my kids wore them and I seem to have trouble getting rid of them.

'It's a Boy Bib'--The day I found out I was having a baby boy, I went out and bought a blue striped shirt (which is now gone) and an 'It's a Boy Bib.' Sad that I let the shirt go, I feel compelled to hang onto this big. Another one that both my kids wore.

Ocean Wonders Crib Music Box--Both my kids LOVED this. Alex more than Anna. Andrew's former coworker sent it to us and I didn't think much of it. It kept my kids entertained for a great deal of time in the early morning hours. Well, turns out this one style has been discontinued and while you can buy it on Amazon, it's $100. I'm keeping this!

A few of their favorite blankets--Alex and Anna both used one that was a knitted white cotton blanket. Plain as anything, but she was swaddled in it until she was 18 months old. Yes, that's right--18 months old! Alex had a blue one with little doggies on it that my friend in Qatar gave him.

Anything with their names on it--Want to give a gift that lasts. Few moms will ever toss anything with their kids' names on it.

Hand-knitted sweaters--My mother in law knitted both kids a sweater. I will never part with them.

Clothes from other countries--We have some great Swedish shirts and clothes from Germany. As well as a few from the Middle East. I have a hard time parting with them because they were either special gifts or so unique. So they just sit there in a box too small for either child to wear.

Monkey Robeez--Both my kids wore these red monkey Robeez. They are worn out and too worn to pass along, but I love that both kids used them so much. There they sit.

Perhaps someday I will be able to part with some of this, but for now it just sits there and makes me smile when I find it.


kim said...

Anna was swaddled until 18 months? Wow... and reassuring - I feel like Maddie will need it forever too. Where on earth did you find a blanket big enough for her (or did you cut your own)?

Cara Fox said...

Awww. So glad you loved the Hungry Caterpillar pjs as much as we do. I haven't been able to bear to part with mine either. I will stuff Baby Boy #3 into them for one more go-round and then pack them away for posterity. : )

Kim - another friend of mine swaddled her son forever as well - her mother ended up making special swaddling blankets out of men's XL white undershirts.