First Day of Camp; Ahhh...Summer

So after my post last week about anticipating summer, I thought I'd let you know how it's been going so far. Well, I'll sum the past week up in four little words 'Summer Camp Started Today!'

After a week of no routine, no schedule and no husband in town, our happy little family was about to fall apart. Until today. Alex started half-day camp at his school. He was so excited when I dropped him off. He had his friends, in his old classroom, with all the toys and didn't even look up to say goodbye.

Anna and I left to pick up our pool passes and run errands. I returned to find a rejuvenated son--who had just built a castle out of cardboard boxes and made his friend Audrey the princess. Apparently the theme this week is Medieval fun and they are making crests, shields, reading stories about knights and singing songs about dragons. He sang the whole way home and said he couldn't wait to go again tomorrow. Who wouldn't want to play castle all week?

Mommy is better with a break. Anna is better with 1:1 time. Alex is better with some time with friends. I give props to those who use summer as a time to let loose and sleep in late and stay up late. My kids wake at 6 a.m. no matter when they go to bed and are ready to head out the door by 9 a.m. every day. So for me, 1/2 day camps here and there break up the summer and give us some structure to the day. But our afternoons are still all about the pool.

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Anna said...

Funny how your kids seems like mine. Evan is up at 6am every day no matter if he misses a nap, goes to bed late or has a busy day. Im jealous of moms who sleep until 8am. Really. Before kids I woke up at 10. By 10am now it is almost time for a nap (for me, not Evan).
Love your blog.