Where Were the Lifeguards?

I decided we'd brave the 'big pool' yesterday. Alex has been showing signs of being afraid of swimming and going under water. I bought a small ring/tube for Anna to use, but Alex showed some interest immediately in using it for swimming.

We started off well. He was going the whole length of the pool and then he lost his balance and went head first under the water. I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye while I was watching Anna. I screamed and jumped in. He was struggling to get up as the tube was keeping him from getting his head up. I pulled him out crying. Looked around and not ONE of the three lifeguards noticed this before, during or after.

Lesson Learned: Always, always, always be within reach of your kids in the water and ready to act.


Feener said...

scary !! it takes a second of looking away. i am terrified of going to the pool with both girls alone.

Smiling Mom said...

Oh how scary!! One of my first vivid memories was struggling in the deep end of a pool before my dad jumped in to save me. I'm glad you were right there!

kim said...

Thank goodness you were there and ready to jump in - I can't imagine how terrifying that was! I hope Alex isn't too traumatized by the event; something similar has kept me leery of deep pools since I was a kid. Hugs to you all!

Jessica McFadden said...


You just scared me straight (knocking wood, kissing rosary) for the whole darn summer at the pool with my own two.

Good save mama!