Bye Bye BPA Bottles

I'm really surprised when I hear about people who are not motivated to purge their 'toxic plastic' baby bottles.

The only question here is 'Why would you risk it?' As a precaution, wouldn't starting with new bottles be a safer and cheaper alternative to...well, the possible alternative. As a mother who fed both her kids on Avent bottles--both heated, dish washed and microwave--if I could go back in time, I certainly would.

Turning our backs on the information we have is ridiculous. Look at all the other things we do as a just-in-case measure.

1. We vaccinate our kids. What are the chances our kids will get polio or the measles, but we still give them the shots to protect them and take the fear out of the population.

2. Not drinking during pregnancy. Few studies have been done about what a drink a day during pregnancy will really do, but we refrain anyway. Well, most of us. :-)

3. Not feeding your kid peanut butter before age 1. Really? We do it and fret at their one year birthday as we let the PB&J sweep over their lips. Who made up this rule?

4. Putting kids to sleep on their backs. We all slept on our tummies. Yet we listen to the recommendations and fight our children's natural instincts to sleep on their belly.

Studies, studies, studies. Studies prove this and disprove that and yes, we often get sucked into believing whatever we are told. But if you're given a chance to make a change as simple as what you drink out of, why wouldn't do you it.

I understand Babies R Us is taking back Avent and Dr. Brown bottles for a limited time and offering cash credit. My girlfriend went yesterday and picked up $63 in credit for her old bottles and managed to buy BPA-free ones there. The last four three-packs they had in stock. When you talk about the extra things we spend on our children these days, taking the extra steps or paying a little extra for safer bottles is worth the money.


Melody said...

Thank you for this blog. It's exactly what I've wanted to say (although perhaps not as nicely).

Charisse said...

Hear, hear! I totally agree. I have used the Avent bottles and now that DS is one year old, they are in a bag. I was debating what to do with them because some family members don't think it's a big deal and would be a waste of money to throw them out. But I would feel responsible if I gave these bottles to someone else to use. Thanks for the info on Babies R Us taking them back. Will see if I can get that deal here in Texas...