What I Learned from Kung Fu Panda

So even after a VERY long morning of setting up for the neighborhood yard sale, I somehow mustered up the energy to drive into DC for a DC Metro Moms event to promote the new movie Kung Fu Panda. Now let me preface this by saying, I probably never would have gone to this had Andrew been in town. No WAY would he have agreed to this. But since we were on our own and I was beat from the yard sale, I thought this would be an easy activity. Also note, that when I RSVPed I thought they would actually be showing the movie.

There were two goals with this outing 1) to meet up with some of my DC Metro Moms blogger friends 2) give us something 'different' to do. So, I guess since those two goals were achieved the outing was a success.

However, the event was not really my bag--driving 45 minutes (both ways) and paying $16 to park for some free food, silly goody bags and video games is kind of a waste for me.

But some good things came from it and I learned a few lessons about me and my kids from Kung Fu Panda. Thanks Panda!

1. I'm learning to navigate the DC roads much better. I don't need entire silence in the car when I'm driving the silly one-way streets.

2. My kids are so easily amused by anything that I don't need to drive 45 minutes for activities. While they had great crafts and games at the event, all my kids were interested in was the TV and the food. We have both of those at home. Ok, they did enjoy the face painter, too.

3. My kids learned how to play "I spy" on the way home.

4. The kids enjoy outside more than inside. We stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt Island part on the way home and let them throw rocks in the water.

5. My kids use the potty as an attention ploy. The minute I would start talking to a DC Metro Mom, someone had to go to the bathroom. How can you push them off when they have to potty? The minute one didn't get their way at Roosevelt Island, they had to go potty. We had to pee by the tree. And the minute Alex did something Anna didn't want to do, she had to poo. We had to go home.

6. My kids will not be seeing this movie until they are older. Even though the lady there told me it was meant for little kids, I'm not so sure they need to see a movie about Kung Fu fighting. They already fight too much.

Despite everything, it was fun to catch up in person with the moms and 'do something different,' as Alex says.


Stimey said...

A viewing of the movie would have improved the event. I was just so happy to get out of the house and see all of you. And my intrepid husband found street parking, so it was cheaper for us.

When he was first potty training and trained, my oldest used to get out of time outs by telling me he had to pee.

It was good to see you (although briefly).

jodifur said...

Very, very fair review.