Questions from Alex

I've been reading this new book Writing Motherhood, which I LOVE by the way. It's basically a great instruction guide for people like me who love to write and love even more writing about their kids. She offers up unique ideas, suggestions, topics and strategies for keeping yourself writing. One of the things she mentions is keeping track of the questions your kids ask.

Here are the questions from Alex (age 4) in about a 10-minute period in the car yesterday. (Yes, I wrote them down at the stop lights.)

Are we on the toll road now?
How long until we get home?
When does daddy get home?
I see an airplane, is daddy on that airplane?
Is today Tuesday?
When is Tuesday?
Is Daddy your husband?
Can Abby be my wife?
Is Max excited about me coming to his house today?
When do we go to his house?
Are we going to his playground?
Why not?
How old is Cameron?
Is he in Anna's class?
When will be in Anna's class?
Is 18 months older than 2 years?
What time does Elizabeth get off the bus?
When is 3:30?
Does she sleep at school?
Where does she sleep?
Can I have peanut butter and jelly when I get home?
Do I have to take a nap today?
How come you didn't slow down at the yellow light?
What happens if you slow down at the yellow light?

There was discussion in between some of these, but yes, this is the thought flow. When I look at these clustered togethered I realized how interested he is in other people. Funny guy.


Stimey said...

That's really cool when you see them all together like that. I read somewhere that a 4-year-old asks something crazy like 400 questions a day. That's a lot.

Anna from Canada said...

Evan is also 4 and the questions can drive me nuts. Apparently I was a gabber at a young age too so my mom laughs at payback.
She would say to me "Anna, please, can you be quiet for 5 minutes" Ok Id answer with a 7 second pause.
"Is it 5 minutes now?"
Yikes. SO now I feel sorry for my poor mom.