First Giveaway: Mommy Needs a Cocktail

As I was standing at the playground on Monday, I looked over and saw a mom wearing a shirt that says "Mommy Needs a Cocktail." I smile and tell her I have the same shirt. We talked for a bit on how the shirts were hysterical and great quality. Turns out, the day before, I met the woman who makes these shirts. Woo hoo, I felt famous for a brief moment. I must admit to already "knowing her" from DC Metro Moms. Yes, she's another fellow mommy blogger.

So here's the scoop on these shirts. Every mom should own one. Even if you don't like cocktails she has some that include Mommy Needs a Beer, Mommy Needs a Latte, Mommy Needs a Glass of Wine, Mommy Needs a Vacation, Mommy Needs Some Chocolate. So you really have all your bases covered. And if that's not enough, you must see the baby/kid shirts with sayings like "So, when do I get the pony?" or "My Mom Doesn't Want Your Advice."

Kristen of Baby Brewing actually makes these shirts herself. That's right ladies read her bio on her Website and she has managed a screen printing machine into her basement. I give her props right there!

Here's how the giveaway works. Leave a comment on the site before Saturday, May 31, with your best 'Mommy Needs a Cocktail' story. (See mine below.) We have all 'em every day. It's one of those moments when you just need really need drink in hand to ease the moment, but know you can't because it will just slow you down and make things worse. If you don't have a story, then just leave a post saying 'hi' and tell me how great the shirts are. Please make sure you include your email somehow when you reply or I can't get in touch with you if you win. I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday for a free shirt, courtsey of Baby Brewing.

My Mommy Needs a Cocktails story: Today, I'm trying to make a dinner for a neighbor who had surgery. The kids want to be outside, but I need to cook. I just got yet another book rejection. I believe we're up to about 10 now. No one wants to buy our book because we're no-name moms who apparently don't know about having kids less than two years apart. I have a neighborhood yard sale I'm planning and need to finish gathering items AND pricing them all. I'm hosting a playdate this afternoon in my rather messy house and right before nap both my kids managed to assault the neighbor's son--with a bite (Anna) and a swat from a stick (Alex). Oh, and my husband's out of the country with no phone access. I need a cocktail.


anna said...

At my house its usually "mommy needs a foot rub"
Love the shirts :)

Bhavna said...

Yeah! summer is here and thankfully this time I did enroll my sweety pie in a lot of activities. I am hoping for a smooth summer this year. I am not into cocktail but if I were to say what is it that I need..well it's time for another one.....


ARomero said...

Linda, love this post! Yesterday I really needed your tee shirt and a Cocktail! Our day started out fine at soccer and then just went down hill from there. I took the boys over to Dulles Town Center to run a few quick errands and then get them lunch. We walked by the Disney store on the way to the food court and stupid me fell for a trick from my 3 year old. He swore that we would just take a quick look and he knew we were not buying anything. Sure enough 5 minutes later he was holding the biggest lightening McQueen set he could find. So that started a huge temper tantrum full of hitting and even some biting. I took him out of the store to talk to him and make sure he knew the mall has a time out. Sure enough a Police officer is there having lunch and comes over to see what the problem is. I was sure he thought I was doing something horrible to Grant by the way he was carrying on! He bent down and talked to Grant and told him he needed to behave. So after the Police Officer disciplined my son my 1 year old decided that he no longer would ride in the stroller. Now I am left pushing my hysterical 3 year old while chasing my 1 year old! To make matter worse when we got home my husband was in a horrible mood (bad day in the stock market). Then we finished off the afternoon with NO ONE taking a nap! This made for a lovely afternoon. ha So that was yesterday...hopefully today will be better and these kids will nap!

Feener said...

woken up at 6am, go downstairs, frass takes diaper off then craps on floor. sass won't go pee pee on potty b/c she holds it doesn't like to be wet ?? so she hops around and fidgets b/c she has to pee but won't. beg her to pee, finally goes pee, misses potty. 8am have clean one crap and one pee off the floor. both girls in bathroom with me while i clean things off, they climbing all over me and toilet !!! 9am...i need a CHOCOLATE !!!

Alexandra HF said...

Hi Linda-
This post totally made me smile. I just got home from a 2 HOUR visit to the pediatrician. I arrived 10 minutes early for our 11:20am appointment (after dropping Michaela off with a friend because she hates watching Annika get shots), only to find that the office had no record of our appointment. The woman at the front desk basically said that I would have to make an actual appointment and come back another time. When I said that I DID have an appointment, she refused to believe me and would not look me in the eye. She ignored me until I protested again and she finally went to get her supervisor who also treated me like I was some sort of delusional lunatic but did say I could see the doctor, however, she was unsure of how long I would have to wait. I then spent 90 minutes waiting in a tiny room that was painted FLUORESCENT GREEN. The ridiculously long wait spanned over Annika's lunchtime, and there was a big sign on the wall ordering you not to eat in the room. (I ignored it.)
Yeah, mommy needs a cocktail...

Jessica McFadden said...

I think your own story will win the tee, Linda. I was already groaning and then I got to your husband being out of the country. Holy guacamole.

I wore my own MNAC tee when I flew solo with the kids (4 and 2) to California. It was a 7am flight but the words still applied.

Smiling Mom said...

Oh this is so fun. I've been salivating over here in CA every time you all post a picture of yourselves at your parties!!

I need a cocktail because, well, just because I'm a mom of two kids that are 18 months apart, work part time, and just applied to be part of a master's program. WHAT AM I THINKING???!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my "Mommy Needs a Cocktail" story written in haiku:

I curse you daycare
With your two hour long naps
Mommy needs to rest

Yet here we are now
It's practically ten o'clock
Both boys wide awake

I sit here and doze
Computer perched on my lap
While they giggle

In my next lifetime
If Karma really exists
I'll have a nanny


Amy said...

My four-year-old daughter and I were hanging out at big brother's tae kwon do class, when my daughter wanted a snack. Since food isn't allowed in the studio, I gave her a granola bar and told her to go outside, but to stay in front of the windows where I could see her. She told me she was thirsty, and I told her that she could have water as soon as we got back to the car (class was almost over). She went outside, and instead of standing by the windows, she took off towards the car to get water - the car that was two blocks away. I took off running, forgetting to put down my laptop, and somehow chased her to the corner, catching her before she ran across the street. I don't drink, so can mommy have some cheese, preferably breaded and fried?

Amy said...

Oops, "amy" forgot to leave her email! owner@selfishmom.com

Tech Savvy Mama said...

I love your story! The time that my husband found out on Wednesday that he had to leave on Saturday for Korea, would be gone for a week and over the weekends on each side, and both kids were barfing up a storm the entire time he was gone. Of course by the time he got back, they were on the mend! That was truly a lovely point in our household. Wish I had a MNAC shirts to wear each day of the week while he was gone!

Andrea said...

Oh Linda, you definitely needed a cocktail!

School is out as of next Tuesday, and my best client just came to me with a project for the summer. Can't turn it down, but wondering how to juggle it all with three little boys at home and hubs traveling two weeks out of each month? Just thinking about it makes me want a margarita!

allison rankin said...

We are leaving tomorrow for a beach trip that I'm not nearly ready for. Laundry is still in progress. The kids have been whiny, grumpy, and uncooperative to say the least. For example, John made his bed for the first time this morning, then proceeded to cry for 20 minutes because I wouldn't pay him any money for his work and then got even madder when Kara wanted to lay on top of it (not disturbing his covers in the slightest). Hubby has been out of town at a conference the last 2 days, gets home late tonight and we'll leave tomorrow after lunch. Made it to the grocery store this morning for beach food, but not without much effort, and lots of "I want this___" (insert every kind of junk food/sweet product he saw). Ugga! Now the tv is on for one and nap is going for the other. I promised a trip to the pool this afternoon, but am not sure I can pull it off with so much left to do here. Did I mention that I'm also covered in poison ivy, taking a steroid for that, and am DYING to scratch myself ALL OVER!!! Mommy definitely needs a cocktail...or two...or three!!

Tom said...

I think I missed the deadline, but Daddy needs a cocktail too!

1. I'm on crutches this week.
2. My wife has the flu.
3. We have 2-yr-old twins.
4. They woke up at 4am.

tom [at] mottstudios [dot] com

DianeCG said...

Umm, this momma needs a cocktail everyday. Or in the case of a couple of nights ago, at 5am. My daughter, who we are trying to get to sleep through the night in her OWN bed, decided to throw a marathon tantrum from 12am-4:30 am. I nursed her, we patted her, we gave her tylenol, we changed her diaper, we ignored her (for a full hour), I finally took her to the playroom after 3hours and then w fed her a banana. Finally, after 4 and a half hours she went to sleep. I needed a cocktail.....