A Perfect Walk

Yesterday when meeting up with several moms from my mom's group, I made the last-minute decision that we'd walk the mile to the playgroup instead of our normal drive. It seems silly to drive when I noticed the actual mileage was about .9 miles. What a waste! But with two young kids who don't sit in the stroller, it often limits us on transportation.

The weather is perfect here for walking so the kids agreed to ride in our red wagon. Not really knowing how long this would last, I was fully prepared to turn around at anytime, but surprisingly, they loved it.

As we walked we had great conversations about the things we saw. The kids didn't seem to be rushed to get there, although I must admit pulling nearly 80 pounds of kid got old fast. But as we have another event this afternoon--also less than a mile away--I think I might opt for another walk today.

We walked to be green, to enjoy the fresh, to have some conversation and get some exercise. Look at the gas we saved!

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Tech Savvy Mama said...

Good for you! Isn't it amazing the conversations that occur with kids when you least expect it? Glad you had a good walk!