Summertime Friends

I'm totally into summer mode now. I actually think I'm starting to love it. I do believe I was tainted by summer from living in Austin and then in Qatar. No place should be over 100 for more than a few days. Ugh.

Besides the pool, popsicles, and carefree days, the other thing that summer brings is new friends. Do you remember summertime friends when we were kids? The kids who didn't go to your school. The ones you met at camp. The ones you met at the pool everyday. The ones that you never wanted to 'be seen with' at school. The ones who were either too old or too young. Summer brings a whole new crop of people to get to know who are out of your normal routine and off your regular path.

You know what? It's the same when you're all grown up! I had no idea how the kids' school schedule limited us from certain friends in my circle. With kids in school three days a week at one school, I hardly get to see some of the ladies that I really enjoy spending time with. Some have kids with different nap schedules and some just have lots of kids to get out the door. Summer gives us the flexibility to see more people more often in different settings. They're the ones that live across town, who have new babies or older kids in school.

We're going to take full advantage of our changed routine to catch up and meet with some summertime friends--for both me and the kids.

And, yes, I know all too well that when fall comes again, we'll go back to our routine of school, and the summer friends may fade back into distance until the next summer.


Tech Savvy Mama said...

We have pool friends that somehow we only see in the summer. Even though we live in the same neighborhood, we rarely run into each other during the rest of the year. Love being back in touch with our summer friends!

Cara Fox said...

Amen to this! We're the same way. I am absolutely loving the lazy summer days and the chance to catch up with friends across town and those on opposite school schedules. I never thought about the "summer friends" we had as kids, but you're absolutely right - summer is the perfect opportunity to break out of the mold!