The Doctor Visit

I hate taking my kids to the doctor. Even though my pediatrician seems to be fairly efficient most of the time, the whole ordeal is just too much for me. Usually I require a rest afterwards. So yesterday was Anna's three year check up. The other thing I tend to do is get a babysitter for the other child when we're doing "well visits," this way I actually can talk to the doctor about the one child without the other one blabbering on so.

But this time I opted to bring Alex along since he needed to get a follow up vaccine, which I will add he was less than thrilled about.

So we went and showed up for our 2:40 appointment. I came fully equipped with snack, coloring books/crayons, books, Uno cards AND Matchbox cars. Ok, no saying that mama isn't prepared. I was! We wait and wait and wait in the little room. My kids are opening the door and hanging out looking around and begging (yes, I did say begging) for Dr. Stern to come in. At 3:20 I really started to lose my patience. I had booked the appointment three months ago and here I am waiting.

I peak my head out and ask how much longer. Turns out there had been an emergency in the next room and that put her behind schedule. Dammit. Didn't I feel like a giant loser now.

The visit went quickly after that. But the funniest thing is how much my kids actually love going to the doctor. Alex even sat there like a brave little man enduring the shot with only a few quiet tears rolling down his cheek. And if the day couldn't get any better (since they knew ice cream was the reward after shots), Anna actually managed to find a Cinderella sticker in the sticker roll upon checking out. A perfect day for my kids!


purplemommy said...

Curious. What kind of emergencies happen at the peds office?

bmk said...

I did BOTH well appts at the same time. You should have seen the eye rolls as I had goldfish and gummies as bribes! The only thing I remember from the trip is "ok, we'll see you in 3 months" You laughed when I scheduled it didn't you?