Competition Can Be a Good Thing

So you may know we've had a struggle this summer with the family Swim Wars. Anna wouldn't go into the water, Alex was so close to swimming then decided he wanted nothing to do face in the water. I remember a woman telling me, "it's like potty training. They do it when they're ready." At the time, I was sure she was wrong. But today, I realize that she was, indeed, right.

This weekend Alex learned to swim. Ironically it was on Anna's birthday. In true Alex form--not to be outdone by his sister's birthday or anything--he learned to swim so they would have equal bidding for the day, I'm sure. Then Anna--not to be outdone by Alex--reclaimed her title by learning to swim on Sunday (the day of her birthday party) for all the guests to see.

Yes, a little family competition is always fun.

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Kate said...

Looks like you've found the key to motivating your kids! I'm hoping that I can eventually come up with something better than candy....