Flying Shoes and Falling Down

Today was a rough day. I broke the cardinal rule of out-of-town husband on a no-camp week: I had no plans for day. Why you ask would this be a problem? Well, it just makes for a long cluster of a day. And indeed it was that.

We hit the Herndon Farmer's Market this morning where I ran into a fellow DC Metro Mom blogger. That was fun. My son was relentless about seeing the nearby red caboose. I promised to hook him up just as soon as I picked up a few more veggies. We'd only clocked about 10 minutes there so I didn't feel it was too much of a burden to walk around and look at food. They even got samples! But while inspecting some tomato candidates for take home, my son--who was not giving up--pull my arm in such a way that he actually pulled me down almost on top of him. I tripped and had to catch myself before smooshing Alex. As a result, I twisted my ankle. We promptly left.

Then not less than an hour later, I was directly on the side of my face with a Croc. My kids have taken a liking to throwing their lightweight, or sometimes not so lightweight shoes, from the back seat. I can't tell you how many times I've told them this is not safe. But today, it hit me right in the eye. So now the Crocs have been taken away. It's a shame because they do make the pool easier.

Of course our whole day has been complicated by the fact that I am still sick. The only thing more fun than sick mom, no hubby and no camp/school, would be sick kids. I'm sure that's coming up soon. I'd be hard for me to believe a week of snotty tissues around the house didn't make someone sick. Oooooo.....fun.

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Kate said...

The shoe throwing is a menace. My three year old can wing pretty much anything from the back (as in third row) of our Expedition with impeccable aim. That is - if he's aiming for my head. And try talking to a speech delayed kid about "danger". I KNOW he understands - but he gives me that look that says, "I'm sorry - I'm not sure what you're getting at...are you trying to say "good throw?"

Sorry about the fall! Let me know if I can help in any way. I work from home on Thursdays and Fridays - so I can always watch your kids for an hour or so if you need to get out.