Today You Are Three

My dearest Anna,

I can hardly believe that today you are three! It doesn't seem possible that three years ago today you entered our world. It has been so fun to watch you grow, even in just three short years.

You are certainly a girl filled with spirit and individuality. No can't be bribed for anything. You want what you want and that's about it. While you always like to dress in pink and purple, it's not without a spunky twist. You'll bungee jump off the sofa with your brother and roll around playing war, but only if you have your hairclip or princess dress on at the same time.

You're not one to be left behind and left out. Peeing by a tree, no problem for you. Doing the monkey bars that are well above your ability, you're right there behind your brother. Secretly, I think you wanted to be a first child. You almost were, being on the heels of your brother. But you are what you are.

You are an artist. You can sit and draw, paint or create for long periods of time if only given enough paper. You love to run and play, but need time to rest in between. You love to stop and dance to the music anywhere you are. You love to cuddle mommy. You tend to be a bit dramatic about everything. And while you love to have friends, you seem to have a little trouble making them. But you have no trouble making friends with puppies.

Happy Birthday to my little girl.



Amy said...

I have had some time to read your blog due to some serious insomnia with baby 3. What a sweet, sweet letter to Anna! I am so looking forward to sharing the same kind of things with our baby girl--with two older brothers she has just gotta have some spunk!

Kate said...

That's very sweet. Happy birthday to Anna!