Can Preschoolers be Dictators?

We took the kids to the playground yesterday since the weather was just so perfect. I'm grateful for the break from the pool. Love the pool, but I'm tired of my house smelling like chlorine and finding towels everywhere.

It was fun to be outside to watch the dynamics of the kids with others. Alex has always been one who wants to be friends with everyone. He goes from person to person introducing himself and inviting them to play. He will definitely be the outgoing one at school who wants to surround himself with friends. Anna....well, her personality is finally taking shape. Anna has no fear of anything. Not heights or anything scary. Most of all, she's not afraid of other people. She is the girl who wants to be in the spotlight, but could care less if anyone along the way actually likes her.

She managed to turn off several people at the playground by telling them what to do. Those kids even came up to tell me she was mean. After a few interventions from me or Andrew, they finally figured out some sort of heiarchy, but in the end we see Anna ruling the group. Did I mention she's three and the other three kids were four, five and six?

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