I Am Officially Old

I grew up in the New Kids on the Block era. Though I will never admit to liking them even back in high school.

Today while running on the treadmill at the gym, I caught their latest music video. I wasn't close enough to see the song title on the screen so I can't point out the video, but I was close enough to see five guys bumping and grinding with lots of bikini-clad women who were half their age. Yes, as I watched this I realized, these men look like they should be playing by the pool with their kids, and not with half naked women. Yes sir, those New Kids looked old, which must make me old, too.

I at least felt vindicated that I was watching this while running. Of course, I won't mention the part later where I actually hurt myself and thought they were going to have to take me out on a stretcher. Not good for my ego.

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