Packing and Heading Out

Our family is heading out for our first "real" vacation since Anna was born. We have done a few obligatory family visits, but this is the first one where we're actually going away with some good friends. I am so excited. (Note: posting will be slow during this time as I'm not bringing the laptop with me.)

My husband already left this morning for his business trip. I know you all are so surprised since he travels like crazy all the time. But the three of us will head down to my mom's tomorrow and I will dump the kids (yes, dump as of today since they're driving me mad) and I fly to Boston Wednesday morning without my kids. For three full days I will be exploring this city which has always been on my list of must-see cities. Then Friday night I fly back to Richmond, pick up my kids and we head for the Outerbanks!!!

So packing has been a bit complicated since it means packing for two different trips. Basically it means throwing every piece of clothing for the kids in a suitcase. Throwing everything I own in one of the two suitcases (one for Boston, one for the beach) and throwing beach toys, towels, some food and wine and beer (don't forget the good stuff, man!) and hoping we didn't forget anything, like Children's Motrin, which you almost always need on every vacation.


Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

welcome to Boston!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Have a great trip! I lived in Boston for 2 years during grad school and love it there!

Ainsley said...

Have fun!