Summer Update

I'm dedicating this post to my husband who says my past many posts have been depressing and sad. I'm hoping this is cheerier.

Four weeks and counting before summer is over. Ok, I'm not really counting because August may prove to be the best month yet! Here is an update on the season I have mixed feelings about.

1. The kids learned to swim! The best news ever.

2. Everyone outgrew their shoes before summer was over. That means a trip to Target to get everyone something to tide them over. Yes, I gave back the Crocs as a result. I'm such a wuss.

3. Camp started! Every morning. Every day. Three hours. Two weeks. Thank you Nature Tots.

4. No one has gotten sunburned yet this summer except mommy.

5. Skinned knees don't heal when you go to the pool everyday.

6. Beach trip is three weeks away. I'm so looking forward to time away with our friends and no computer.

7. I just booked a ticket to Boston with husband. He's going for business and it finally worked out that I could dovetail onto this trip for the free lodging and see a new city. Nevermind I don't get to go on the Athens, Rome, Milan, Vienna and Brussels trip that starts today. I'm not bitter.

8. Almost forgot to pay preschool tuition for fall. Yikes.

9. Enjoyed seeing new friends at the pool this summer.

10. Decided not to buy a new house (after much house hunting) and decided to redecorate our current one instead. Houses closer in are still too expensive. So now we're making full use of our main level instead of just 3/4 of it. Makes it seem bigger.

11. My best friend had her third baby, Joshua Quinn Fox. He's a cutie and I can't wait to meet him in person.

12. We are starting a Baby Bunching website in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yea happy blog post!

Ainsley said...

That's a fun list of good summer moments. =) Can't wait to check out your new blog!