Back to School for the Boy

Today was Alex's first day of school. Unfortunately it was a "phase-in" day for him, which meant he was there for an hour and 15 minutes. Kind of a waste for the four-year olds, but oh well. He talked about his new friend Charlie and a few of the activities they did. He had no trouble being left, and like his sister, didn't even look up when I left.

Tomorrow, both kids go for the full three hours and bonus for me is that my husband will drive them there. Score! That means I only have to make the one trip there and will spend the morning getting caught up on my blogging and writing. So, I should be back online more regularly now. Yay!

I do admit to being a little sad as this is Alex's last year before kindergarten, and I think it finally hit me today. Next year, he will be gone all day. Sad.

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