Odd Games

My kids have never been a big fan of toys...don't ask why because I don't know why. So this week we've picked up a few fun games. Nevermind the totally awesome free Lego table I pulled from the neighbor's trash today. Am I totally gross? C'mon you'd take it too.

Top Kerr Kid games this week:

Pirate--The kids take turn hiding treasure and trying to find interesting "tools" to dig them up.

Rocket--They climb into an abandoned toy chest from Qatar made of wicker. They put the top on and pretend to go to the moon and different planets. They will tell you if it's hot or cold based on how far away from the sun it is.

Pippi--My kids are so into Pippi Longstocking these days. Anna plays Pippi and Alex is Tommy. They do stunts, look for pirates and go on "adventures" which involve something that flies.

Coloring on Demand--I found this great website that allows me to print coloring pages on demand for my kids who want to color pirates, rockets, pippi, Little Mermaid, etc.

Cleaning--This one is my favorite. They discovered a container of baby wipes. Normally I frown on this behavior, but for an hour they were quiet and busy. They take baby wipes and clean EVERYTHING! Toys, books covers, the stairs, the walls, the doors, the table, the kitchen. I kid you not.

And like I suspected no one gave a flying flip about the Lego table. Glad I didn't buy one.


Jon said...

I would like that table. For me! Can you put it my trash?

Ariel said...

Will they come and clean my house, too? Please? I'd settle for just the kitchen!