The Big Beach Diet

No, this is not prior to the beach to fit into my swimsuit. Ha! This is trying to take off the weight FROM the summer and the beach. Since our return a few weeks ago, I have managed the gym almost everyday with a friend. Thank God for the friend. I am so externally motivated that it makes it easier to work out if I'm committed to meeting someone there. Plus, my kids love playing with her son. In two weeks, I lost 6 pounds. I know that's not much, but my clothes at least fit again and I don't hate looking at myself in the mirror anymore.


bmk said...

It's mutual for sure! And I've lost 5 pounds!

3XMom said...

wow -- great for you!!

Jon said...

nice work, I'm still workingon ym babyfat. don't lose too much too fast or it a all slingshot right back to you as soon as your friend catches the flu and you stop going ;-)