I Did it Again

I have decided to stop shopping. This statement alone will make my husband jump up and down and kiss me....a lot. Perhaps I should qualify that statement with 'I have decided to stop shopping unless I do it online.' Honey, you can still kiss me though. I'm done going out to shop.

I went again today to the mall. To browse. With one kid. I came home with a few things from Gymboree (panties for Anna to replace the ones I didn't get right last weekend), socks for Andrew, Halloween PJs for my kids (they love them and theirs are too small), t-shirts from H&M for me. Do you remember my story about Target from last weekend. If not, read this first.

Are you caught up now? I got home and noticed the PJs for Anna were the wrong size. The socks for Andrew were the wrong size. I managed to mess up payment for two transactions. I had one child with me. One. Either I'm getting old or I just really suck at shopping. So I vow, to start shopping online. It will be smarter that way. I will wait for free shipping and save on gas. I can double check a million times about sizes, all in the comfort of my own home.


Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I love shopping online...so much easier! And I always check www.wantnot.net for great deals and coupons too--I've gotten some great stuff that way.

BananaBlueberry said...

holiday shopping online is the best!

Cara Fox said...

The main thing that has kept me from shopping online in the past is that I am a cheap ass about shipping. But now that it costs $100 to fill up my gas tank, it is cheaper to ship stuff than go to the mall! I think I will become a convert. : )