Jooners for Organizing School Schedules/Volunteers

School starting means schedules for everyone. Kids in school with activities, lunch bunch, sports, playdates, ballet, etc. The lazy days of summer (which I never actually experience this year) are officially over and the fall excitement has started. Yay!

Once upon a time when I was a high tech girl, I kept up with everything "up and coming" in the technology field, back when that was what I did. The one thing I never could commit to electronically was scheduling. I am a pen and paper girl. I have a big calendar at my desk with everything I need right there in front of me. I suppose if I worked out of another office, I might need to carry it with me, but I think I would still use pen and paper. Jooners is a new Evite-like system for moms that allows them to keep track of their schedule for every member of the family, as well as keeping people outside the family linked into snack schedules and soccer news.

I'm not sure if I would ever really use this service, like I do Evite, but coordinating volunteers might be easier with this for many schools, especially ones that don't have a system already in place....like our school. If you are a room mom for school or the leaderhip, run everything type, you might check out Jooners as a way to organize it all for your group. For me, though, my schedule remains old school and I don't see me switching anytime soon.

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