School Starts, But Not For Us

So apparently the entire planet has started school by now, except for us. My kids start their "phase in" next week. Today we watched all the other kids get on the school bus. But the upside to no school for us is one more week of the playground, the pool, the gym, the stores without all the other kids around.

We did manage a trip up to school today to drop off lunch for the teachers' inservice meeting. Yes, I am THAT mom who "bribes" my kids' teachers. What can I say?

While my mom suggested I make this week super fun for my kids since it's our last week with both of them until Christmas vacation, my friend Amy said her mom insisted on making it the most boring week so the kids would be happy to go back. Well, my kids are already so excited to see their friends and new teachers that I think we'll just enjoy the empty playgrounds and pools for one more week.

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