Getting it Together

I have a good reason for being MIA for almost a week. No, I'm not pregnant! You know which ones of you ask that.

I've been 'away' trying to pull it all together. My fall down the stairs last week began the downward spiral until....today. Minus the BlogHer conference, of course, which just gave me more action items.

My husband returned Wednesday on time and alive. But as one might imagine, returning from Afghanistan brings along some major jet lag. When he's up at 3 a.m. so am I. But I think we're finally back on a regular schedule. Him back also means a little readjustment for everyone back to yet another schedule. Funny how I find my groove while he's gone and it takes just as long to readjust.

There was lots of laundry to be done and cleaning, as well as errands I couldn't do when he was away. So I think we're finally back into a groove. Just in time for him to leave again. Super.

The big thing I'm tackling these days is our food situation. Our grocery bill is out of control. This from a woman who doesn't even keep track. But almost-daily trips to Trader Joe's isn't going to help us save up for a house. So I'm starting the menu plan. Thanks to a neighbor and my workout buddy, I think I'm all set until my enthusiasm wanes from this fad. I am actually writing down a menu for the week. Shopping for those items and FINALLY after so long organizing my recipes. After four days . . . OK, I know it's not that long, I finally feel the pressure is off. If I can just keep it up and make investment on the weekend to set it all up I think that will help with the dinnertime chaos.

So now I'm trying to catch up on blog posts and some writing (ones that actually pay) and move on.

The other news is that I think I'm just about ready to admit that I want to go back to work. I began looking at job postings this week and even with the economy the way it is I feel I need to start putting myself out there. After several different situations with my kids where they asked me to play, but that really meant 'just sit here while we play,' I decided it might be time. So we'll see how that goes.


Danielle said...

Linda, sounds like you're really getting it all together! I'd love to hear any great and kid friendly recipes you may have. I've been on the hunt for some new ones. I also may need to try your plan for the menu. Our food bills are okay, but I do most of my shopping @ Wegman's b/c it's the most reasonable and has a great selection.

Good luck w/ the job hunt if that's what you choose. I think about it alot myself, but as a teacher, I'll need to go back to school to get my license back...boo!

Heather said...

The weekly menu plan is so helpful. It is nice to know what you're making for dinner before everyone is starving and the meltdowns have begun.

Good luck with the job search. I can understand the desire.

Casey said...

Welcome back! I'm the same way with groceries, it's a time killer for us to go to the store so the kids and I usually wander down EVERY aisle buying tons of crap we don't really need.

Jon said...

weekly menu eh?
want my template? It's in excel.
You know I'm not kidding. ;-)

Allison said...

I used to do a pretty strict menu plan for the week. Now I come up with a variety of dinner options (a few throw together meals and a few more involved recipes) and then each day I try to pick which one I'll make, usually picking by lunchtime so I can make it while John's at school and Kara's napping. I find it really helpful and I find stability in having a list to go to when I can't think about what we might have for dinners!

And good luck with the job search. I ponder that option myself, but am probably a few more years from taking the big step.