My Reentry Into the Grown Up World: Shoes

So as you know I'm slowly trying to get up my energy to apply for a job. I don't have any childcare yet and don't really know what I want to do, but at least now I have come to terms with the idea that the time has come. There's a lot that has to be done like fixing my resume and perhaps doing a bit of networking. But the one thing I have to work on is my shoe wearing ability. Yes, you heard correctly.

On Friday night I attended a dinner event with the DC Metro Moms, and while talking to someone (yes, she was a friend) I had to actually sit down and take off my boots! They were killing me after only an hour. I'm sure my other blogger friends were wondering why I was grazing the buffet line in only socks!

As a stay-at-home mom now for four and half years and a PR professional, working from home, two years prior to that, I have officially been able to kick the real shoes out of my closet for a grand total of six years now. I own 2 pairs of boots (both which hurt my feet), one pair of pumps (that I've worn for 1 job interview), 1 pair of heeled slingbacks (which I love), 1 pair of strappy heeled sandals that I bought for my brother's wedding and everything else I own is considered "mom."

I love my Dansko clogs, my Timberland tennis shoes, a pair of Sketcher mules and half dozen or so other flat and comfy shoes that I could sprint after a toddler in--even a pair of flip flops I made my husband pick up for me in Dubai. But grown up shoes, fall to the far recesses of my closet. They don't see the light of day very often, and aparently my feet are grateful for that.

Going back to work will mean many things, and one of those will include learning to wear grown up shoes again. My feet are so going to hate this.


Kate said...

I decided about 5 years ago that I HATED business clothes and shoes and vowed to never wear them again. Luckily, I was able to find a few positions where they could have cared less what I wore. My rule was "I will always look nice, but I would rather eat mud than wear a suit or heels again."

Ainsley said...

I would never be able to wear uncomfortable shoes every day again! I love my Dansko clogs, too. Is it sad that I think of those as dress up shoes?

Casey said...

I hate dressing up, period. I don't do heels so I don't know what it's like to have to suffer through the day with them. Good luck finding a job (and daycare and wearing shoes).

jodifur said...

I kicked my shoes off too. In fact, as long as I'm not in court I'm walking around the office barefoot.

BananaBlueberry said...

you make me laugh,

i remember NOT thinking a thing when you told me you were taking off your shoes :)

I'm going with your suggestion to do our next one as a Mardi Gras party!!!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Either I was talking to you while you were wearing your boots or didn't even notice that you weren't wearing shoes. Regardless, it was great to see you! And while I enjoy working part time again, I miss my Keens and fleece and immediately take off my work attire upon walking in our door!

Wife and Mommy said...

It was lovely to meet you! And I totally didn't notice your lack of shoes. Wish I'd kicked mine off with you!