Preschool Woes

My son came home yesterday and told me he was tired of preschool. Of course in the same breath, he said he was tired of going everyday to school (which he doesn't). He informed me he's been at that school for 100 days already and it was time for him to be in kindergarten. I explained that even if he felt he was ready for kindergarten, you had to be five to attend. (And in his case 5 1/2 since he has a March birthday.) And that kindergarten was, indeed, every day.

So he made me a deal. "If I go to preschool all next week, THEN will you let me go to kindergarten?" I'm not sure what's going on here, and I'm hoping to go into the class next week and take a look at what they are doing. But after much protesting from Alex--which is a first for him--I decided to let him take his first "mental health day" home from school. He didn't want to go and I figured I would give him a break. Well, actually I wanted to make him go, but my husband reassured me that he wasn't expected to enter the rat race at age four and missing a day of school wouldn't hurt.


Casey said...

A mental health day sounds nice! Sorry Alex isn't liking preschool, hopefully he'll forget all about it by the time he goes back next week.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I am all about the mental health day! Good advice from your husband.

Jon said...

Linda, your kid reminds me so much of myself (at that age... oh wait and this one too) reading you blog is like reading my own babybook.

My therapist thanks you! ;)