Election Conversations

Since my kids are only 4 and 3, there isn't a lot of politics that my kids would really understand. They know Daddy works at the Capitol building and that's about it.

Last night in the bathtub, Alex asked why he didn't have school today. I explained it was because today was a holiday for the schools. He wanted to know first if that meant he got presents or candy for the holiday. No, no, no, only a new president. So we talked about what the president does and where he lives and how it's very important for us to pick a new one. We've recently read this book Otto for President so he gets the general idea.

He then went on to ask if he could be president. It's every mom's dream, I'm sure to have their child ask that question. "Sure," I told him. "I'd love for you to be president." I asked him what he'd do as president.

"If I were president I would fly around like a superhero. Then I would save all people from sharks." He had a very detailed plan involving a helicopter for how he'd go about doing this. "Then I would save people from wars." Andrew tells him he has a great platform, and we're sure he'd get elected on the shark idea alone. No one wants to be eaten by sharks.

He thinks for a bit and then decides being president wouldn't be so great after all. Why, I asked him. "Mommy, if I were president, I would miss you so much--saving people from sharks. I want to live forever in this white house." You just gotta love kids.


BananaBlueberry said...

so sweet,

my son said almost the same thing-
my son said he would like to be president IF he could still live with us :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm terrified of sharks - so if he changes his mind, Alex absolutely has my vote!

ARomero said...

that is such a cute story! you can re-tell that story some day to the media when he runs!

AmyS said...

I'd vote for Alex!! Erik told me that one candidate would make a better president he had "good shoes". The minds of 4 year-olds just rock!!

Jon said...

Dude I HATE sharks! He totally has my vote. Unless my kid is running.