Kids are Smart

As we're driving by the shopping center near our house yesterday, both my kids noticed the Christmas decorations hanging from the light posts and the mini Christmas trees. Both of them remarked....seperate of each other....that it is not Christmas yet and the decorations are silly.

I agree.


ARomero said...

I know, what happened to Thanksgiving!

Casey said...

Yup, I just noticed all of the decorations yesterday at Sams Club. What's going on here? Might as well do Xmas in July!

sak said...

The same Christmas decorations have landed in Austin. Checking out from the grocery store, I said to the clerk how early it was for all Santas. "Oh there are even more of them at the mall," she groaned. "I already feel so behind."

"You have to identify the source of the problem," I suggested to her. "It's not you who are behind, but they who are ahead."

Then the light bulb turned on--this is a marketing ploy to make shoppers feel obliged to get with it.

Ainsley said...

Target had the Christmas decor out before Halloween! It's ridiculous. I love how Nordstrom doesn't put any Christmas stuff up until after Thanksgiving.

But my kids love Christmas decorations, so they're stoked.