Family Promotion: My Little Brother Rocks

I don't talk about my family much on this blog. My first family, I mean...you know my mom, dad and brother. I do have a first family. There just never seems to be a reason to go into much. But today my brother finally launched his website. He's a big famous designer in NYC. That's right...he's a big shot.

I remember the year he had his holiday card in the MOMA shop and he barely had graduated from college.

So here's his new website. He's so artsy that the screen that comes up is a splash screen so you have to click one more time to get the actual goods. It's art. Go with it.

And not that you're really needing his services, I'm just trying to brag a little...oh, one of his clients is the Justin Timberlake clothing design people--William Rast. I don't know if he's actually met Justin though. You'll find his designs on the banner of Baby Bunching. In summary, I'm just telling you I think my little brother rocks.


Momma Bear said...

You should brag, that's awesome! His designs are really simple and visually pleasing.

Jon said...

I was determined not to be impressed (Justin? who cares? ;-) but then I saw Blonde Redhead and 4AD on the client list... ok I'm sold. I'll call him when I revive my rock star career. Nice stuff!

The Seeks said...

Your little brother does indeed rock - what an awesome talent!