We're Thankful For . . .

I'm not having Thanksgiving at my house this year. As much as I tried to cajole people into coming here so we wouldn't have to go there, I did not win. So I only had to make sweet potatoes, pumpkin bread and the most fabulous Mac and Cheese ever.

And this afternoon, in an attempt to pass time, we decided to make paper chains in Thanksgivingy colors. On each link we had to write something we were thankful for. Here is our combined list in the time that was allotted (read: the time my kids would sit for this activity):

My family
My mommy
Gigi + Pop pop
Macaroni and Cheese
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Mom, Dad and David
My husband
Grandma and Papa
Grandma Heasty
Pink bear
Food on our table
Good health

1 comment:

sak said...

Ah, the marriage of the holidays continues! Soon we'll have Hallothanksmas, don't you see it coming?