Focus Kids Focus

I love Christmas. I love the season. But my kids are so wired that I'm seriously about to lose my mind. Really. Every year I swear I'm going to decorate the tree the day before Christmas the way my German ancestors did. But do I? No. So now we've had 23 days of Christmas and I'm exhausted. And worn out. But I'm not ready for it to be over because then it's just January and February. It's still cold and dark and there are no lights and nothing to look forward to.

My kids were like crazy mad people today at Barnes and Noble. (OK, my fault for making this an activity.) They are crazy about going to grandmas. Crazy about presents. Crazy about candy. Just crazy.

I think I need a Silent Night and I need to let my 'heart be light.' Focus mom, focus.


emma said...

so do you have the tree yet & is it decorated? Jason's going to attempt to pick up a tree now (8:15pm 12/23 :) - I should take a pic of our 2 18-inch sad but lit & sesame decorated trees that exist in it's spot for now.

ARomero said...

I hear you Linda! I took my kids out today and they were just a mess, they seemed to have lost their minds! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

ashlye said...

I remember a series of posts about preschool in our area. I live in Reston and will have a 3.9 year old attending preschool in the Fall. My husband and I moved to Virginia in 2003, but do not know ANYONE who has kids in school in our area. Do you have ANY tips you would be willing to offer as far as the application and selection process? As a mom of a 3 year old and a 4.5 month old I know your time is very limited, but I would greatly appreciate any assistance you would be willing to offer as I begin this new adventure - preschool admission!

Linda said...

That was here. I'll rerun that series perhaps. Look under preschool admission.