Ahhhhh....Beauty Spa

We've become big fans of the Fancy Nancy books. Even my son loves to read them. So in the latest book we own, Fancy Nancy stay in a hotel and plays beauty spa. My daughter LOVED this idea. So last night we got out all the tools and played beauty spa.

Here are our Beauty Spa rules:

1. Beauty spa always starts with a bubble bath. And bubble bath we did. No toys. Just bubbles and our individual beverages. Because rule #2 is you always have some kind of beverage in your hand.

2. Beverage required, preferrable with ice.

3. No boys allowed. OK, we finally allowed Alex to come in for the face mask part.

4. Part of beauty spa means smelling. So each product--face mask, soap lotion, bubbles have to be smelt as well. And you have to close your eyes and say "Ahhhhhhhhh."

5. Coming out of the bath means you need a bathrobe. No rushing to get dressed.

6. Lastly, you have to keep saying "Ahhhhhhh....beauty spa." And then giggle.

So together we took a bubble bath, put on a face mask, lotioned up, buffed toenails and painted them super red.

It was a fun girly activity for a dreary day.

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