I Just Don't Get the Wii

So the Wii FIT thing is popular this year. I feel like I’m back in high school because EVERYBODY is getting one—except me. But I feel like the only person who doesn’t want one.

Here’s my philosophy on working out. I love it. I’m not skinny or super fit, but I love working out. I love to be around other people and be motivated by what I see. I want to have variety in my workout routine—pilates, yoga, cardio classes, running, biking, etc. Part of working out, for me, is getting out of the house.

But I just am not getting the whole Wii thing. Please fill me in. Educate me. To me, it just seems like another at-home workout--similar to a workout DVD. Granted I know you can track your progress and compare scores with other people in your house, but it's still very limiting. And after reading more about it online, it really looks like much of what you do, you could do on your own without the Wii or at a gym.

So, what's the scoop. Why do you use it?


Stimey said...

I like the Wii and Wii Fit because they're fun. You can change up your routine any way you want and you can do it in your living room. My husband and I compete against each other and have fun doing it. I see it as a stepping stone for me. It will help me get active enough to get enough fitness to do other more serious exercise.

ooh!WEE Boutique said...

I like the Wii Fit because i can do it at home in my pj's and it gives some indication, on some exercises, that i am in the correct position or doing the task correctly.

I suggest you rent or borrow one before making the investment...I believe everything is just not for everyone. but i find it lots of fun!!
good luck

Jon said...

I agree with you 100%. I tried my brother's and found it annoying. I'd rather just go ride my bike.