Four-Year Old Angst

My son told me the other day he sleeps with his eyes open. When I asked him why he told me this, "Because I'm worried about robbers coming into the house." What???

Apparently he's concerned that robbers might come in. To steal money. And bring a gun. So because of this he's going to "sleep with his eyes open."

When I digged a little deeper on this, he explained further that he's afraid that we won't look a door, someone will come in and he's going to stop him before he comes upstairs.

I now make sure the door is extra locked everynight. But where would he get this from?

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Jon said...

me too. when I was young. same thing. unfounded, unattributable irrational fear of home invasions. also fear of the house burning down as we slept. (but that was because my mom used to to fire drills at home and we got to jump out the windows and everything.) maybe I/he saw a home security system commerical on TV? its the little things you think are innocuous that get ya. Or him/me rather. how many times have I related my experience directly to his various episodes? Too many times? It is getting awkward yet?