Sock Fuzz is Gross

I’ve really been lacking in good blogging material lately. You’d think with preschoolers I’d always have something witty to say, but lately even their super cute and adorable antics seem mundane to me. I’m always jealous of people who have funny or strange encounters and recently I was hoping that could be me. I realized it’s because I haven’t been venturing out much lately.

My world consists of home, preschool car line, Target, the gym, soccer practice and ballet. That’s it. Stick with me here….I swear I’m getting to the funny part. So part of my first week of the new year was to start scheduling appointments for all the things I’d put off doing late last year and one of them was a trip to the podiatrist.

I have been having a foot issue since right after Alex was born. And that’s been 4 ½ years. I’ll leave it at that because you don’t want to be bored with my foot problems.

So, made appointment with foot doctor. Showed up today and realized my manicure was waning. Yep, feet looked pretty gross. But I figured this guy looks at nasty feet all day. At least mine were clean. Or so I thought. The nurse tells me to take off my shoes and shocks. As I do, I pick off a piece of sock fuzz from my black socks. Blah, blah, blah….she asks me a bunch of questions. I answer and then sit back to read my book and drink my coffee. Hey, this is like vacation for me. Feet up and a great book and Starbucks. Woo hoo!

The doctor walks in and introduces himself by his first name. Already liking that. I hate doctors who act all high and mighty. So he asks me a bunch of questions and as I reach down to point to my toe, I look and see the bottom of my foot is all covered in black fuzz. A lot. Eeeeewwwww. I gasp. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. How gross is that? It’s like going to the dentist and not brushing your teeth or having bad breath.” He laughs and reminds me that he does look at feet all day and not to worry. Then he holds out his hand so I could give him the fuzz to throw away--the very sock fuzz I just scraped off my feet. Gross.

I say to him: I'm sorry. I can't just give you this sock fuzz that was on my foot. That's kind of gross.

He says: I'm about to touch your feet anyway. You look pretty clean so pass it on over since the trash can is right here.

So I pass it over anyway thinking I have no where to throw it out. I go on to explain that this is totally blogworthy and he needs to be careful because this will probably show up on my blog later. His next response, “What’s a blog?” For real? I explain it and we laugh. But he keeps coming back to the blogging.

The friendly banter continues. Next thing I know he's my new best friend....asking me about the book I'm reading and more about the blog. So he looks it up right there and then tells me he's a Baby Buncher since he's the dad of 19-month old twins. Ooooo....maybe I have new fan!

And now I have super cool inserts that massage my feet quite nicely.

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Kate Coveny Hood said...

Ah 19 month old twins - multiples make for the ultimate baby bunching.