Kids with Cameras:

When our latest Netflix movie arrived, I told my husband the movie was for me. He asked, "Is it about Afghanistan or India?" Apparently I've been type casted. Yes it's true. I love foreign movies. So much of Bollywood that I'm starting to know some of the actors and the song. How sad is that?

Latest movie rec: "Born into Brothels"

If you haven't seen this, I recommend it to everyone. It's a documentary about a photographer who goes to Calcutta to photograph the red light district. Instead she finds another world in the children who live there. She befriends them and begins teaching them photography. And through their eyes, you discover their world. They take beautiful and very moving photographs which she later sells back in the U.S. at Sothebys to raise money....for them to go attend school. Great movie!


deeps said...

hey, thanks for the tip!!

Jon said...

we had the Born into Brothels DVD from netflix sitting on top of our TV for 2-3 months last year. Just couldn't bring ourselves to watch it as it sounded so depressing. We sent it back without watching it.

Our movie habits have changed a bit since we became parents... the fare is not all (any) rainbows and balloons mind you, but stuff like this is just too grim for us when trying to maintain positive environs for our little one. Not saying she she gets to watch movies with us yet... but seeing something like that would bum me out for a few days and I just don't want that energy to be present with my daughter around.