Shhhh....It's a Secret

My kids love sweets. Alex more so than Anna. I really blame it on the fact that when I was pregnant with him I indulged in a giant chocolate muffin from Starbucks....everyday. Hey, I was in Qatar. It was hot. I was pregnant and bored in the heat. What else can a girl do, but shove lattes and muffins into her mouth. I digress. So, kids love sweets.

As a treat yesterday, I picked up a small pint of ice cream. We don't keep very many sweets in our house mainly because I will eat them all. After dinner when I brought it out, the kids' eyes nearly popped out. I heard lots of ooing and aahhhing over plain ole' vanilla ice cream. So easy.

So as we're enjoying it, Alex says we should hide it and surprise Daddy. He ponders for a bit and wonders would be a good hiding place. "If we hide it in the freezer, he'll see it." Anna responds by suggesting the cabinet ABOVE the freezer because he never looks there. "No," Alex explains. "It will melt there."

Everyone thinks for a bit. Anna suggests perhaps the North Pole would be a great place. Alex agrees that this is the perfect place because surely Santa needs a snack by now. Anna begins to illustrate how it will go (as Anna always does). "We'll put the ice cream in the car. Driiiiiive it up there and give it to Santa. He'll say, 'Oh thank you thank you.' We'll tell him we're only storing it as a surprise for Daddy."

Both kids agree this is a great solution. But then I suggest it would be easier to just walk over to Safeway to get some more rather than drive back up to the North Pole to pick up ours. The room is quiet for a while. Alex shrugs his shoulders and says, "Then I guess the freezer is really the best place. We'll just not tell Daddy and when he opens it up he'll say, 'Wow! Ice cream!' Then it will be surprise."

Good thinking. And that's just what we did.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm just like you. Sweets don't last in my house. I will eat them until they're gone. But I don't like kid junk food - so if I want to buy the kids treats, I'll get them something in the way of oreos or chips ahoy garbage. I won't touch it and they LOVE it.

Cara Fox said...

I love this story!! I can just picture this conversation going down. Too cute!!!