Ski Trip Success

We had a blast! Apparently not skiing in 20 years (man, that makes me feel old) doesn't mean anything. They say it's like riding a bike. I was swooshing down the slopes by the end of the first day.

I cannot say enough good things about Liberty Ski Resort. What a wonderful family-friendly place. Alex was part of a three-hour ski camp. He finished up begging for more and asked if we could do it again soon. I loved watching him come down the hill without the poles....and not falling. He was such a little man. We knew Anna wouldn't last long so we switched out their boots/skis for a bit so she had the experience of being on the skis. Of course, that caused a whole meltdown from Alex because it meant he had to share his skis--God forbid!

The only down point was that all four of us were in the same room and Anna really, really snores. Plus, 8:30 is too early to go to bed.

Great trip for us all and I can't wait to go back.

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