The Angst Continues

We have an emotional household. Before children, it was me. Hey, I can fess up and admit that I am a HUGE drama queen about...everything. Enter children. Suddenly my drama means nothing to anyone anymore so now the kids drama trumps mine and rightly so.

Tonight as I'm speeding about to get kids in bed after a day of listening to Anna cough and choke (damn cold), I hear Alex weeping. I walk in and he's not just upset, but clearly processing something in his mind.

Mom: What's the matter, baby?
Alex: I'm so afraid that Froggy might end up under the pillow in the middle of the night. [sob] And if he does [sob] I'm so afraid that the blanket fairy will come and take him and leave me a big boy gift.
Mom: Do you want the blanket fairy to take Froggy and leave you a big boy gift?
Alex: [Weeping] Nooooooooooo. But I'm afraid that might happen. What if she thinks he's there for that reason.
Mom: Where did you get such an idea?
Alex: From that book Owen. [Damn kids books!]
Mom: OK, the blanket fairy doesn't come unless we write her a letter. So as long as we don't, Froggy stays with us.
Alex: He can stay forever?
Mom: Yes, forever. How old is Mommy?
Alex: Old. [Nice.]
Mom: Does Mommy still have a lovey?
Alex: Yes.
Mom: Ok, then we're OK. Froggy can stay with us until you're 25 if you want...or even as old as Mommy. If you ever decide you want the blanket fairy to come and leave you a present, let me know.
Alex: I only want Santa to leave presents.
Anna: [from the other room] What about the tooth fairy??
Alex: She only leaves money!

His sobbing finally stopped when we agreed that Froggy would follow him wherever. I did explain that the thumb sucking would need to end, but that Froggy could indeed stay.

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Jon said...

Finally, an Alex story that does not parallel my own life! love it.