It’s Spring Fever Here

Not that kind of spring fever. I wish! (They were predicting snow today.)The kind of spring fever our household (ok, just me and hubby) get when we’ve decided we’re ready for a new house. Every year somewhere between February and May we get a move itch. The only thing I can guess is that it has something to do with us never living in ANY place longer than two years. We have now, officially, been in this house two and a half years. Why the desire to move, you might ask?

Don’t get me wrong. I love our neighborhood. Townhouse living can be hard if you’ve just spent several years in a single family home, but we love the neighbors, the great pool and wonderful playgrounds. We can walk to the store and even to the kids’ elementary school. But the house is small and we’re lacking a yard. We’d like a dog and . . . maybe another child. That just doesn’t add up in our small house. The kitchen is by far the smallest kitchen you’ll ever see. Did I mention my husband's nightmarish commute. I digress.

So it’s the end of February and the beginning of the home sale season thus the beginning of our spring fever. What has kept us here for the past few years is the high home prices. The DC area wasn’t affected by the dropping housing prices until just recently. This is good news for us since it means we may be able to afford the home we want, in the area we want. But those who know us well, know we do this every spring. We hit the open houses, take a bunch tours, do some number crunching and end up staying put.

I have no idea what is in store for us this spring. As much as I hate the idea of selling (because it’s A LOT of work to sell a home with kids in it), I think our whole family is ready for a change. We’re a bit of a nomadic family. In nine years of marriage, we’ve had six addresses. My only way to prune junk is by moving. And we’ve apparently hit our limit on what we can store here. I literally have bikes and wagons in my dining room.


Smiling Mama said...

I have no desire to move but do love looking at the Real Estate section. Good luck!

Ariel said...

I get like this in the winter every year- I think it's the product of being cooped up in our tiny townhouse in the cold.

FWIW, my next-door neighbor just sold her house, for the full listing price, in six days. So I think the market is starting to pick back up again.

sak said...

Arriba y adelante! I'm taking your desire to St. Joseph who's in charge of houses. May he help you find both the perfect buyer for your townhouse and the best next house for all of you with seamless timing!

Ainsley said...

I can totally relate. Part of me really wants to settle in one house for the rest of my life, but I get the itch, too. Probably from moving so much, like you. Maybe I'll finally be able to settle when I have a house that can fit all of us and our stuff.=)